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Pay disputes, erroneous entries, backdated entries, missing data, tedious data collation and consolidations. The list goes on for the pain felt by companies using paper based time cards to manage their salary record systems.
PayAdvisorMobile® is the solution.

Data Security & Privacy

Your Data is Safe, Secure and Backed-up. PayAdvisorMobile® takes security and privacy very seriously. Your data is stored in our reliable systems with security measures like transaction and data encryption. PayAdvisorMobile® never shares any client information or data with third parties - ever.

IMDA GoSecure

In collaboration with IMDA and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), PayAdvisorMobile® came through vulnerability assessment tests unscathed to ensure that the system has the adequate IT application security concerns and best practices addressed. CAPPS SOLUTIONS is also the first IT solutions provider to complete the IMDA GoSecure program and was invited to share our experience during IMDA SG Digital Industry Day in November 2018.

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