Employee Self Update

Empower employees to update their own personal information, relieving HR teams of the burden of manual data entry. This ensures data accuracy and reduces administrative workload.

Key Features


Availability on PayAdvisorMobile® Mobile

Employee can update personal information on-the-move via the PayAdvisorMobile® Mobile Applications on their smart devices. Examples are Address, New Child and Marital Status.


Employees can update their information to HR with convenience and ease.

Upload Attachment

HR Administrator has an option to request for attachment to upload during update via the PayAdvisorMobile® Mobile Application on their smart devices. Examples are Child Certificate and Marriage Certificate.

Enhanced HR Efficiency

HR Administrator can accept or reject the submitted information that removes all the manual work via emails and paper forms.

Approval Workflow

A workflow is built into the system to enable the HR Administrator to accept or reject the submission. Upon approval, the information will auto update into the Employee Module.

Updated Employee Information

The responsibility to maintain updated Personnel Information is shared with the Employee to update and submit timely when there is a change.