Time & Attendance

Our Time & Attendance module is a powerful tool that enables businesses to effectively track and manage their workforce attendance in real-time. This module is designed to streamline the process of timekeeping, providing HR administrators with accurate data for attendance monitoring and payroll processing.

Go to Use Cases for Time and Attendance to see how PayAdvisorMobile® is able to cover all working situations for your employees to punch in and out with their mobile with 2 different mobile applications PayAdvisorMobile® Mobile & Station. In addition, PayAdvisorMobile® Scheduler is incorporated with intelligence that does not require HR Administrator to shift assignment. See System Intelligent in Shift Management.

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Key Features


GPS Location and Geo Fencing

The Location of Employees Punch In and Out is captured. Employees are allowed to punch in and out via the PayAdvisorMobile® App (Android & iOS) check-in at the assigned location to ensure that off site employees report to work at site.

Increased Efficiency

The Time & Attendance module streamlines attendance tracking, reducing administrative burdens and manual tasks. This, in turn, allows HR administrators to focus on more strategic initiatives to support the organization's growth.

Intelligent Reporting

Our system goes beyond simple time tracking. It provides intelligent reporting using predictive analytics that highlights labor patterns, trends, and anomalies. With this valuable insight, businesses can identify attendance issues and implement proactive measures to improve workforce productivity and punctuality.

Cost Savings

By accurately tracking attendance and automating overtime calculations, businesses can control labor costs and avoid unnecessary expenses related to attendance inaccuracies.

Mobile Accessibility

The Time & Attendance module is accessible through our mobile app, enabling employees to punch in and out conveniently using their personal mobile devices. This feature is especially beneficial for workers on the go or those working remotely, ensuring they can efficiently manage their attendance regardless of their location.

Compliance and Transparency

The module makes it possible for companies to maintain compliance with labor regulations and ensures transparency in attendance records. This can be especially crucial for industries with strict labor laws or when dealing with labor unions.

Overtime Tracking

The module includes comprehensive overtime tracking, automatically calculating and recording overtime hours based on predefined rules. This feature simplifies the process of calculating overtime pay, minimizing errors and saving time for HR personnel.

Improved Employee Experience

With convenient mobile access, employees can easily manage their attendance data and view their punch logs. This enhances employee satisfaction and engagement.

Integration with Payroll

Seamlessly integrated with our Payroll module, the Time & Attendance module ensures accurate payroll processing by automatically transferring attendance data. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of payroll errors and ensuring employees are compensated correctly and on time.