HR Analytics & Reports

Provides insights and support data-driven decision-making, including workforce planning and forecasting, diversity and inclusion metrics.

Overview Employee LifeCycle

PayAdvisorMobile® System enables each functional HR Administrator to be aware of the level of readiness, in terms of percentage, for each HR function. This helps HR Administrators to improve in their time management and prioritization.

Apart from that, the HR Readiness Dashboard diagnoses the issues yet to resolve, enabling HR Administrators to focus their efforts in the right issues to problem to resolve.

For example, PayAdvisorMobile® System lists out employees who has no Supervisor assign to for leave, claim approvals or Supervisors who are transferred or resigned.

Another example is PayAdvisorMobile® System lists out the number of payroll records (for white collar workers) and number of monthly timecards (for blue collar workers with overtime) that are not ready to process payroll.

Our Manpower Distribution Dashboard and Reports provides an overview and analytics that enables Management to make decisions in workforce planning.

In additional, the system generates the manpower figures that the authority requires companies to report. HR Administrator is able to complete the surveys with ease. Examples of the reports are Quarterly MOM LMS Report and Monthly MOM OED Report.

PayAdvisorMobile® System provides you with real time working hours, computes real time overtime hours and computes real time salary and project costs.

With these information, the system sends out Notifications to your Projects and Operations to guide them to plan their working schedule more wisely.

PayAdvisorMobile® System helps you to track every remuneration component that your company is paying monthly.

Data is gold. The system intuitively auto computes monthly and yearly manpower cost forecast for you making your Manpower Budgeting a breeze.

PayAdvisorMobile® System auto generates the payscale of every designation and job rank relative to age and working experience.

Our Robot is the process of making - debut in 2024.