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Facial Recognition on PayAdvisorMobile® and PayAdvisorMobile® Station

Your Employee can Face In and Face Out via his/her smartphone. Alternatively, we have PayAdvisorMobile® Station through which they can Face In and Face Out on a company-provided mounted smartphone/tablet.

We are 1st Company in Singapore to implement Facial Recognition for Time Attendance mobile application.

Check out our demo in the News section with Manpower Minister of Singapore during WSG Food Services and Retail Day 2017, way back in August 2017.

There are 2 mobile applications in PayAdvisorMobile®. One for Site/Outlet and the other for Self/Supervisor PIPO.

Total removal of hardware installation hassle.


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PayAdvisorMobile® Station

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Employee Self Update on Mobile

Your Employee can update personal information on PayAdvisorMobile® Mobile App. The update will be routed for assigned Human Resource Administrator to approve before it updates on the electronic pfile in Employee Module.

Mobile Electronic Time Card

Put away the paper time cards. PayAdvisorMobile® allows you to use your mobile devices for time attendance taking with data synchronized in real-time to the PayAdvisorMobile® backend servers for instant attendance marking and accurate salary computation.

NEW! We have mobile fingerprint scanning as an add-on option for attendance-taking as well! Contact us for more details!

PayAdvisorMobile® has its own built-in payroll system which handles salary computation, itemised payslip generation, CPF file generation, Bank GIRO and IRAS IR8A file generation.

Roster Module

PayAdvisorMobile® Roster Module can be activated with a one-time nominal activation charge with no increase in the monthly subscription fee of PayAdvisorMobile®.

PayAdvisorMobile® Roster Module allows you to tap and assign working days and hours intuitively with its user friendly interface and functionalities. It is an integrated module into one seamless HR solution.

Project Labour Cost

All punch in and out records in PayAdvisorMobile® are tied to projects. This allows you to track the labour cost incurred for each project. Project Cost Report can be generated at any time with convenience and accuracy, eliminating the need to spend hours and even weeks to churn out this report manually with other time attendance systems. This was almost an impossible task if you are still using paper-based time cards.

Location Awareness & Tracking

With location-awareness via GPS, you will be able to monitor where the Punch In/Out records occurred and track the location of the mobile employee. You will also have the option to capture your employee’s photo during Punch In/Out. These features help to deter fraudulent records.

Configurable Reward System

PayAdvisorMobile® consists of Pay-By-Performance configurable salaries and allowances. Salary Configurations (Hourly Rated, Daily Rated, Monthly Rated, Piece Rated. Incentives by Absolute Value, Hourly Rate & Overtime Rate) can be configured as incentives for good performance. Supervisors can be empowered to reward for good performance within controlled parameters. Creative allowances can be configured to encourage employees to have greater work accountability.

Leave Management *

PayAdvisorMobile® comes with a comprehensive leave management module which allows employees to apply leave via the Web interface. Leave applications can be routed to management for approval. Tracking of leave is easy and convenient through the Web interface. HR will be able to configure the leave entitlement for the different types of leave for every employee. No more paper leave applications!

Work Progress Check-In

This module allows employees to check-in at project locations with photo capture and comments via PayAdvisorMobile® mobile application. Location, date and time are captured with the work progress check-in and sent to PayAdvisorMobile® server for management team's review.

Claim Management

You can opt to activate Claim Management module with a one-time nominal activation charge with no increase in the monthly subscription fee of PayAdvisorMobile®

With PayAdvisorMobile® Claim module, employees can be freed from tedious claim submission processes. Managers will also be able to monitor and manage individual, team and project expenditures more effectively.

Appraisal Management

PayAdvisorMobile® Appraisal module can be activated with a one-time nominal activation charge with no increase in the monthly subscription fee of PayAdvisorMobile®.

PayAdvisorMobile® Appraisal module provides you the flexibility to configure appraisal templates for different employee designations. The module is built to enable employees and managers to engage in meaningful, on-going performance reviews. Employees are able to set goals to be achieved as well as update on accomplishments.

Your company’s HR Team are able have a comprehensive overview of performance by teams and departments. Automated collation of appraisal results in reduction of human errors.

Plot Performance Bell Curve

PayAdvisorMobile® Appraisal module gathers the performance rating of your employees at different organization levels to plot the respective Performance Bell Curve automatically for you. The weightage of each band of workers is configurable.

This eliminates time taken to manually create the performance graph and instead enable managers to have more time for feedback and reviews with their subordinates.

Data Security and Privacy

Your Data is Safe, Secure and Backed-up. PayAdvisorMobile® takes security and privacy very seriously. Your data is stored in our reliable systems with security measures like transaction and data encryption. PayAdvisorMobile® never shares any client information or data with third parties - ever.

Other Features

Barcode Scanning

Punch In/Out by scanning employee cards or MOM-issued work permit cards or NRIC cards. No longer need to waste time signing or writing on multiple sheets paper time cards and risk losing them.

NFC Technology *

PayAdvisorMobile® allows punch in and out to be conducted via NFC-enabled smartphones. NFC employee cards or stickers can be employed for faster and more secure punch in and out.

Triple Platform

PayAdvisorMobile® comes with iOS and Android platforms with a Web backend user interface. You can use your existing mobile devices to perform the punch in and out of your workforce and view the results via your Internet-connected computer web browsers.

* These are add-on features / modules. Separate charges apply.

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