Applicants Management System allows you to track an applicant at all stages in the recruitment flow. It helps to save time, improve and streamline your hiring process. This allows you to manage all your candidates in a single place.

The system digitalizes your hiring process with electronic employment form, interview schedules, documenting interview assessment and converting the shortlisted candidate to employee status.

Shortlisted candidate can be onboard effortlessly with our Pre-Post Onboarding System. Find out more.

Find out more to our page on Pre-Post Onboarding System

Right Talent. At your fingertips.

Digitized Employment Application

Complete Employment Form

Interview Assessment

Automatic Employee Record Creation

PayAdvisorMobile® and Employee Engagement


First Impression counts!


Creates a connection to HR, apart from the immediate supervisor. Another authority in place.


Keeps the applicant WARM using Technology!


Possibilities of re-look past applicants for new roles or new job opening in the organization.


Possibilities to send Job Opening “advertisements” to these past job applicants. (do not waste your past recruitment efforts!)