Optimized your manpower capability and cost with our comprehensive system to motivate your employees before and post employment. This can be made possible with our pre-employment step.

We have built an Applicant Tracking System that has integrated into PayAdvisorMobile® System. It allows your HR to track an applicant at different stages from the start to finish. It is a platform that allows easy management and tracking of job applications, digitalize the interview process and enable continuous communication between your HR Recruitment Administrator and the job applicants.

HR Recruitment Administrator schedules the shortlisted applicant(s) with company interviewers digitally . Notifications are sent out via the system and responses are received from the system.

Your organization will get all your recruitment work automated from ShortlistingInterviewAutomatic Conversion of the Selected Applicant Record to an Employee Record in the Employee Module in your PayAdvisorMobile® System.

Pre and Post On-Boarding

Right Talent. At your fingertips.

Digitized Employment Application

Complete Employment Form

Interview Assessment

Automatic Employee Record Creation