Offboarding and Stay Connected

Offboarding a employee no longer requires HR Administrator to send and reply emails. Neither does HR Administrator needs to call or text the employee mobile devices.

The Offboarding Module in PayAdvisorMobile® System enables HR Administrator to configure different offboarding templates. HR Administrator can configure when and what information is required of a employee to provide and follow up through an automated email system. HR Administrator is able to create/update email content according to company policies and practices.

Separation with an employee can be done with PayAdvisorMobile® System with an capability to continue to keep in touch with employees whom your Company will like to retain or keep in touch for further possible working collaboration again.

The system allows you to include the employee into your automated emailer for open positions in your company. He or She can also be a good employee referral with openings emailed after their sweet (temporal) departure.

This is how we use Technology to Stay Connected!

Pre and Post Onboarding