Why Onboarding is essential for Employee Engagement?

Shortlisted Candidate from our Applicants Management System can be transitioned into our Pre-Post Onboarding System Effortlesstly.

The Six Phases of Successful Onboarding

Phase 1: Before the first day

Get everything ready for your new hire, even before he/she starts.

Phase 2: First day

Make your new hire feel welcome, comfortable, and confident.

Phase 3: Second day

Get your new hire up to speed and make him/her feel empowered.

Phase 4: First week

Set initial assignments and goals and provide what they need to succeed.

Phase 5: First month

Faster growth, assess progress, and provide encouragement.

Phase 6: Month two and beyond

Play to a new hire's strengths and gather feedback about his/her experience.

PAM Pre-Post Onboarding System allows you to configure phases which adhere to the needs of your company. On top of the Pre-Post Onboarding System, you are given an Electronic Feedback Questionair with no added cost to get feedback from your New Hire.