Use Cases for Time & Attendance

PayAdvisorMobile® Mobile Application is able to capture the working hour and working location in all industries and in all scenarios. See the Attendance Taking in Fixed Location, By Supervisor and By Self.

Our solution can perform Facial Recognition of the Employee, capture the GPS Location where the employee punch in/out and capture the Device Unique ID to authenticate the identity of the Employee. Refer to our Web and Real Time-Time Syncing Capability System Intelligent in Shift Management to see how PayAdvisorMobile® is able to compute the working hours to assist you to control overtime hours. Simultaneously, system is computing the salary cost with the working cost to provide you real time Employee and Project Cost.

Attendance Taking
for Fixed Locations

Attendance Taking
by Supervisor

Attendance Taking
by Self (*)

Facial Recognition with Mobile Application

GPS Geofencing and Location Tracking

Meal and Tea Break Configuration

Grace Period Configuration

System Intelligent in Shift Management