PayAdvisorMobile® Package

HR Core Modules

Employee, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Leave, Claim and Performance Appraisal. PayAdvisorMobile® has built in System Intelligence to eliminate HR from the hassle of updating shift hours.

Employee Self-Service

Built in Workflow for HR to approve/reject employee information update (eg. change of address). Once approved, it will be automatically store in the Employee Module in PayAdvisorMobile® System.

Real-Time Costing for Project, Employee and Overtime Hours

Working Hours, Project Cost and Salary Cost are computed as soon as Employee Punch In and Out. Notification will be sent out when budget, cost and working hours nearing set limit. Real-Time Computation helps your Company to control manpower cost.

Self PIPO, Supervisor PIPO & Kiosk PIPO

Made available on our Dual Mobile Applications (PayAdvisorMobile® Mobile or PayAdvisorMobile® Station). Facial Recognition is optional.

Personalized Home Page for Each Employee

Improved Employee Engagement. Each Employee is welcomed with a Personalized Home Page when he or she logged in. A list of To-do is displayed for People Manager for he or she to complete their duties more efficiently.

Device Management

Device Module is an added security measure. It detects time adjustment to non-local time for Time & Attendance on Mobile Smartphones.

Various Analytics and Reporting

HR saves time with the instant generation of MOM OEM and LMS Report. Our analytics and comprehensive reporting are for Management to make headcount, manpower budget and costing related decisions. Readiness Dashboard is designed to give HR the status of Time & Attendance, Leave, Claim, Payroll and Appraisal Records - this is just one of the Dashboards in the system!

IRAS Integration for Annual Employee Income Declaration IR8 and IR21

Perform all the Employee Income Declaration to IRAS in one system through PayAdvisorMobile® to ensure no late submission and penalty.

PayAdvisorMobile® Community

Receive all the Benefits from PayAdvisorMobile® Community.

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Mobile Announcement

Notification & Messaging

Company Announcement or instant messages for selected department/employees can be made to your Employee Mobile Phones with PayAdvisorMobile® App (Android & iOS). Response from Employees is configurable. Improve your Employee Communication today!

Hosting & AMS

Local Customer Support

Bilingual Customer Service Support. Call +65 6509 0309 or email us at

Includes server daily backup and application maintenance service.

Free Enhancements

Till date, we have deploy more than 1,000 enhancements.

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Includes updates in Statutory Compliance.